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Quilts for Injured Servicemen

Royal Navy Royal Marines Reservists exercise in California • Photo: PO (Phot) Sean Clee • © Crown copyright

Caring for our Forces

Q4IS was started by Brenda Lincoln, a former member of the Territorial Army's Royal Signals Regiment, together with a group of friends in ....

Thank You

Our grateful thanks go to the individuals, groups & organisations who contribute in many ways to our ability to supply the number of quilts that .....

Bringing comfort, colour, warmth and a smile to our brave, young, injured Heroes!

It was nice to talk to you on the phone and I just want to say thanks for the support, there's a lot of happy people showing off your quilts around DMRC Headley Court. Am pretty sure some of the staff are trying to break bones so they can have a quilt too."

Nick H

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